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Anodised Metals

Anodised metals are engravable and used for many applications, fine details are produced by the Laser process which can either mark the surface coating or totally remove the coating to reveal the metal underneath, once engraved the finish is strong enough to withstand virtually all environmental factors.

There are many different variations of anodised metals available, differing in the metal grade itself, and the process or colour pigments applied, these variations strongly influence factors such as strength and durability, UV-stability and the finished engraving result.

The possibilities are endless when working with acrylic, it is available in a range of colours and finishes mirrored, glitter, clear, marble, tortoiseshell and fluorescent.

Before cutting and engraving acrylic it is important to know there are two types cast and extruded both have benefits to the laser process.



Extruded acrylic

Extruded acrylic is a popular material for cutting it can be engraved but the finish does not have a contrast like cast acrylic and is clear, it cuts cleanly with a smooth edge that can be flame polished for a perfect finish. It has lower thickness tolerances in contrast to cast but is more economical for use in series production.


Cast acrylic

Cast acrylic is ideal for engraving as it turns a frosty white when engraved so used widely for awards and branded displays creating highly detailed results but the cut edges cannot be flame polished.




Plastic laminates are available in a huge range of colours and finishes and are specially made for the laser process, we use Trolase engraving laminates they are a high-quality UV-resistant laser acrylic-based material for exterior or interior applications. The top layer is designed so it can be processed at high production speeds enabling detailed engraving and the superior composition minimises residue leaving a clean perfect finish.



The sheet material has to be perfectly flat to engrave low power is needed as all that needs to be removed is the coloured surface layer, this also reduces warping of the material and any residue left on the surface. the laser passes over the surface with the beam width of the laser increased slightly to create a smooth finish.



  • Exterior Signs
  • Interior Signs
  • Trophy plates
  • Plaques
  • Safety Signs
  • Industrial signage
  • Vehicle warning signage


Custom signage

Re-design or renovate your business with custom signage. With some creative thinking and design you can have your space looking professional.

Wall signs are made of acrylic, wood, MDF and metal letters and shapes that are bonded to a wall using adhesives or screws. The design of the sign can transform the look of your business with very little time and effort. Custom signage is great in a reception area or as a focal point for your space. Well-designed wall signs are a creative way to make a space more appealing. For offices and businesses, the use of creative signs can turn sterile walls into friendly spaces creating an instant professional impression. Having a professionally made sign can help enhance productivity in the workplace by reinforcing the professional ethos of the company. Choosing light colours for your custom signage will boost the mood and darker colours will bring a sense of calm. Whichever colour you choose, it’s sure to affect your mood.



Separate areas with different wall signs

Keeping rooms feeling separate without the hassle of using physical barriers. Signs can naturally divide a space without taking up any room and adding wall signs gives each area its own atmosphere. This is also a great way to keep an office feeling open and inviting. Wall signs can even be installed where paint or wallpaper cannot easily be applied. For example in cellars which can be turned into offices with wall signs. MDF panels are great for custom signage and can be hung to ensure visitors can find their way around a space.


Creative wood cutting and engraving ideas 

Everyone appreciates the look of wooden art, natural and charming wood has always been a classic trend. It gives elaborate opportunities for amazing cutting and engraving designs. Bring a breathtaking element into your space with creative wood engraving blur the line between illustration and hand-made carving with artistic and affordable designs. This kind of engraving is always well received and indicates your attention to detail. If nature is your focus, integrate some flora and fauna-related engraving such work will give an artistic feel to where ever they are applied. They also provide a distinction between craft decorative pieces and other types of art.


Welcoming hanging items to liven up your building entrance

A rustic feel can be achieved with wooden engraved items inviting your customers and guests to a natural themed environment. Hang them at your entrance and greet your guests with pleasant wood engraving ideas. These enchanting items offer great character and are very easy to incorporate.


Acrylic signage

If your look is sophisticated design forms, then acrylic is the material for your custom signage. Acrylic is a perfect option to add a high-end feel to your environment. Elegant and durable it is used to stylise tradeshow, retail, and corporate structures among others. Add depth to your environment with custom acrylic designs. Create a professional look in various locations around your premises or adorn your entrances and meeting rooms.



Branding in the hospitality industry is more than just your logo and name, it’s communicating your values to your customers. The brand purpose is at the forefront of a customer’s buying decisions. Branding helps to create lasting impressions on your target audience, this allows them clearly know what to expect from your brand, and this, in turn, distinguishes your hotel from the competitors. With so much importance on social media, a strategy is needed to tell a story that will communicate and define your values, this will build a reputation based on your value proposition. In order to create this message, you must know who your customers are and what is important to them, by studying your competitors with comprehensive competitor research and creating a strong brand that defines who you are as a hotel.

If your key value proposition is that you are eco-friendly, choose neutral colours and a look and feel that highlights these values, such as wood, leaves and natural tones for example in your logo and choose a brand name accordingly to make sure your logo ties all of this together. Alternatively, if your focus is on luxury, choose clean simple designs and fonts, that help to communicate about the services you provide with visuals that communicate a luxury concept. Creating an emotional connection with an effective branding strategy is about building a reputation through all of your visual communication with your customer. The products and photographic style of images and the stories you tell. To transfer among your target audience across different segments, tourists, business travellers, cultural tourists and alternative traveller’s. These series of choices define who you are as a hotel.

Creating a strong narrative for your hospitality business and philosophy that differentiates you from the competition is paramount to connect with your guests and make them choose you. Building an effective branding strategy allows customers to remember and distinguish you from the rest of the hotels. Ultimately people buy experiences and research shows that many decisions are driven by emotions rather than logic. Branding also helps to establish trust by being consistent in your message you can stand out from the competition and create a narrative with your existing and potential clients, encouraging them to always be repeat customers. Building relationships with your guests pre-stay, during the stay and post-stay, is the key to encouraging word of mouth on social media. The quality of the imagery, videos and branding means the more likely people are to share their experience helping your brand grow exponentially.

Define your philosophy what do you want people to remember you for? Defining a philosophy should be the principle behind your branding strategy. The important part of your philosophy is to make your values tangible with meaningful products and experiences helping to position you in the market showing the guest journey. Your philosophy is the story that will make your potential guests connect with your brand.

As well as the happy memories we associate with our favorite hotels, it’s also the little treasures that are taken home from luxurious stays that make all the difference. Branded products are the items that bring the hotel experience home and extend the holiday or weekend break, and your guests can make their home look and feel like a five-star luxury hotel and is easier than ever thanks to the online availability of hotel-branded products. With so many hotels for travelers to choose from, the guest experience is not just about a good night’s sleep, but about the buyer’s journey with your brand. As the hospitality industry is such a highly competitive environment you need to create a remarkable experience for your guests, and promotional products for hotels play a large part in your brand awareness.

Guests love promotional branded products so much that they do a fair share of your brand advertising themselves, by sharing experiences on social media. New guests look for promotional items to take with them to remember their experience. Returning guests like consistency they often look for the same branded products in the room, like a promotional gift with your logo. And many hotels encourage guests to take items from their rooms.


Custom signage

We’ve all seen the linen signs in hotel rooms offering the option for guests to reuse towels, rather than using gallons of water washing towels unnecessarily. Our bespoke linen trees are made using oak veneer and engraved with a high level of precision, showing your guests that you are committed to the environment is a great way to show that you are dedicated to using eco-friendly promotional products.


Bamboo pens

Wooden promotional pens are also an environmentally friendly alternative to metal and plastic. Our bamboo pens are a popular choice as bamboo is biodegradable, and having your logo engraved will maintain your brand identity and achieve a natural feel with use of eco-friendly products.


Gift Sets

Another opportunity for promotional items in hotels is with spa themed lotions and gift sets. These products will make your guest experience stand out from the rest. when a spa treatment is accompanied by lotions and other spa products that are branded, it makes the experience more unique and personal.

With the rise in consumer awareness of eco-friendly products we can brand a wide range of natural materials bamboo, oak, glass, paper, card, cork and ceramics as the laser process uses only light to engrave or mark a material this is an eco-friendly alternative to printing on to products and gives a high quality and long lasting finish.


Key fobs

These are a great way to identify keys and give a professional feel to your hospitality business, we use oak veneer and acrylic to make branded key fobs supplying hotels all over the UK these have a high quality finish. Branding by engraving gives a permanent finish to your logo. As wood is a natural product it varies in contrast with a fantastic natural feel and adds greatly to the individuality of each order. We only use suppliers that have FSC certification and other recognised environmental standards to ensure that all our wood types are responsibly sourced for your peace of mind.


Wooden mobile phone stands

As virtually all customers have a mobile phone, having a wooden phone stand branded with your logo is a great way to show your brand cares for the environment. They come in four vibrant colours Red, Blue, Green and Yellow and produced using water based wood dyes, which retain the natural characteristics of wood with the grain showing through the surface. They are also perfect for gifting your guests or for promotions and events.



Promotional umbrellas are effectively used to create a great guest experience. The concierge provides umbrellas to guests who need to go out in the rain. Guests will most likely return the umbrellas after they’re finished using them, but if not, these products will provide brand exposure wherever your past guests use them. Low cost umbrellas are a good option should a customer keep it.


Laundry bags

Keeping up brand consistency with items such as laundry bags for housekeeping services. Your guests will be exposed to branding throughout their stay. Even simple products like a draw bag for a well-rounded experience. If your guests recognise your dedication to making their experience memorable they are much more likely to stay with you again and recommend friends and family.

Branded notepads in individual rooms will be convenient for guests to use, also promoting brand exposure. Your guests will need notepads to make notes for things like phone numbers, directions and restaurant names. These small items don’t use too much desk space in rooms and are useful.


Hotel Soap and Other Bathroom Accessories

The standard for a hotel is all the necessities that a customer may need right after they get up. This is also the place where you can make all the difference and reinforce a for your hotel. Bamboo tooth brushes can be engraved with your logo and it’s the presence of this type of product that exudes luxury, leaving a lasting impression. Having the logo of your hotel on bathroom accessories such as cork coaster to stand toiletries on,  organic soap,  leaves the impression of your concern for the environment. Your guests need to be pampered just the right amount helping your hotel climb the stairs of luxury.


Luxury Hotel products

Having an entire selection of branded luxury items is everything, hotels that realise this see higher profits. Every business in this industry has the potential to grow as long as they capitalise on their marketing strategy for branding. Engraved luxury hotel products have gained exposure, earning reviews from across the united kingdom simply because the guests felt right at home. All kinds of customisation is possible on virtually any material, and a wide range of products can be cost effectively engraved by laser engraving. Giving your hotel the luxury touch with all of your complimentary amenities and going the extra mile can help you gain a lifetime support of the guests you serve. They will not only stay again, but they will also be recommending you increasing your profitability.