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Custom signage

Custom signage


Custom signage

Re-design or renovate your business with custom signage. With some creative thinking and design you can have your space looking professional.

Wall signs are made of acrylic, wood, MDF and metal letters and shapes that are bonded to a wall using adhesives or screws. The design of the sign can transform the look of your business with very little time and effort. Custom signage is great in a reception area or as a focal point for your space. Well-designed wall signs are a creative way to make a space more appealing. For offices and businesses, the use of creative signs can turn sterile walls into friendly spaces creating an instant professional impression. Having a professionally made sign can help enhance productivity in the workplace by reinforcing the professional ethos of the company. Choosing light colours for your custom signage will boost the mood and darker colours will bring a sense of calm. Whichever colour you choose, it’s sure to affect your mood.



Separate areas with different wall signs

Keeping rooms feeling separate without the hassle of using physical barriers. Signs can naturally divide a space without taking up any room and adding wall signs gives each area its own atmosphere. This is also a great way to keep an office feeling open and inviting. Wall signs can even be installed where paint or wallpaper cannot easily be applied. For example in cellars which can be turned into offices with wall signs. MDF panels are great for custom signage and can be hung to ensure visitors can find their way around a space.


Creative wood cutting and engraving ideas 

Everyone appreciates the look of wooden art, natural and charming wood has always been a classic trend. It gives elaborate opportunities for amazing cutting and engraving designs. Bring a breathtaking element into your space with creative wood engraving blur the line between illustration and hand-made carving with artistic and affordable designs. This kind of engraving is always well received and indicates your attention to detail. If nature is your focus, integrate some flora and fauna-related engraving such work will give an artistic feel to where ever they are applied. They also provide a distinction between craft decorative pieces and other types of art.


Welcoming hanging items to liven up your building entrance

A rustic feel can be achieved with wooden engraved items inviting your customers and guests to a natural themed environment. Hang them at your entrance and greet your guests with pleasant wood engraving ideas. These enchanting items offer great character and are very easy to incorporate.


Acrylic signage

If your look is sophisticated design forms, then acrylic is the material for your custom signage. Acrylic is a perfect option to add a high-end feel to your environment. Elegant and durable it is used to stylise tradeshow, retail, and corporate structures among others. Add depth to your environment with custom acrylic designs. Create a professional look in various locations around your premises or adorn your entrances and meeting rooms.

Date: 17 September 2021

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