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Five Amazing Ways to Use Laser Technology

Five Amazing Ways to Use Laser Technology

Lasers were invented by Theodore Maiman, an American physicist and engineer, in 1960. Since then, these powerful beams of light have found numerous amazing applications. Laser technology now plays a major role in everything from entertainment to healthcare.

As Interesting Engineering magazine remarks, ‘lasers have revolutionised business, industry, and science’. They’ve become ‘indispensable tools in every area of our lives’. Because we offer expert laser cutting, engraving and marking services here at Bay & Moor, we get to see exactly how remarkable lasers are on a daily basis. They help us to bring our customers’ projects to life.

Read on to discover five of the most amazing ways people are benefitting from laser technology today.


1. Laser Light Shows

Bright, colourful laser light shows bring excitement and a sense of wonder to indoor and outdoor events. These fantastic displays take place everywhere from nightclubs to beauty spots. When night falls or ordinary lights are dimmed, the shows begin…

Lasers are projected onto darkened venues, set to music and accompanied by smoke machines or fireworks. Because laser light is sharp and concentrated, it can create compelling patterns and images, making the shows truly unforgettable.

To see some of the world’s most spectacular laser light shows, head to Planetarium Hamburg in Germany, which features lasers mounted on robotic arms. Sit back and enjoy an immersive experience while you contemplate the wonders of the universe.


2. Laser Cutting

Incredible precision, efficiency and adaptability – those are three of the biggest benefits of laser cutting. The speed and accuracy with which lasers can cut all kinds of shapes is unparalleled. A laser vaporises your chosen material along the cut lines without affecting the surrounding area, making laser cutting a fantastic alternative to many mechanical cutting processes.

We work with wood, leather, acrylic and many other materials in order to produce everything from stunning laser-cut wall art to laser-cut hotel linen trees for UK clients.


3. Laser Grid Systems

Here’s a form of laser technology that’s both amazing and highly unusual: laser grid systems for ghost-hunting trips. Yes, really – they’re an important part of the modern paranormal investigator’s toolkit, just like infrared imaging cameras. Amy Bruni from TV series Kindred Spirits relies on laser technology. ‘It virtually eliminates cases of your “eyes playing tricks on you”,’ she emphasises.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one thing is certain: laser grid systems are spookily precise! A crisp, uniform grid can be projected onto a room or another area, large or small. The idea is that a ghost moving through the area being investigated will create a temporary visual disturbance: some parts of the grid will be distorted or disappear from view.

In this way, laser grid systems can be used to detect and track movement, so that investigators aren’t left wondering whether they really did see something out of the corner of their eye or not…


4. Surgical Lasers

Operating on delicate parts of the body, such as the throat or brain, with metal scalpels can lead to sensitive tissue experiencing considerable trauma. That’s where surgical lasers (also called laser scalpels) come in. They enable surgeons to make extremely precise incisions with heat instead of blades.

The heat generated by the focused beams has other benefits too. It seals off blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings in the areas being operated on, so patients experience less bleeding, as well as less post-operative swelling and pain. That’s seriously impressive and may even save lives.


5. Laser Engraving and Marking

When you want to add text, logos, patterns or other elements to a particular object, laser engraving or laser marking could well be ideal. Both processes are highly adaptable, efficient and reliable, plus the results are permanent.

Laser engraving is compatible with almost any material, even something fragile such as glass. We laser engrave an amazing array of items – everything from branded corporate merchandise to house signs.

The key difference between laser engraving and marking is that only laser engraving removes part of the object’s surface. Laser marking leaves it intact and is therefore invaluable when serial numbers, etc. need to be added to metal components while preserving those components’ anti-corrosion qualities.

Both laser engraving and marking can add stunning designs to objects – unleash your imagination!

Experts in Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking

If you want something expertly cut, engraved or marked we have the laser technology and expertise to help you.

Date: 23 March 2022

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