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Make Your Sports Awards and Trophies Ceremony a Real Winner

Make Your Sports Awards and Trophies Ceremony a Real Winner

The Oscars, BAFTAs and Oliviers – some of the acting world’s most prestigious awards ceremonies – have all made the headlines recently. But if you manage an amateur or professional UK sports club or team, you’ll have an entirely different awards and trophies season on your mind. You’ll be spending more time planning your sports awards and trophies ceremony than wondering which A-lister looked most glamorous on the red carpet.


Strengthening Ties between Sportspeople

Sports awards and trophies ceremonies (also called sports banquets) often take place around this time of year, as sportspeople tend to take a break from formal training when temperatures rise. They’re ideal opportunities to boost morale, strengthen ties and celebrate recent successes. No wonder they’re among the highlights of the sporting calendar.

The ceremonies also ‘seal some athletes’ commitment to their demanding sports schedules’, remarks wellness blog My Zeo when discussing the benefits of sports awards and trophies. It’s particularly important to keep this point in mind if your attendees will be non-professional athletes who juggle sport with full or part-time jobs.

Because sports awards and trophies ceremonies carry so much significance, you’ll want to make yours truly memorable. At Bay & Moor, we supply custom laser-engraved awards and trophies to help individuals and organisations enhance their awards ceremonies. Read on for our top tips to help make your event a winner.


Create a Sense of Occasion

Rather than settling for an unremarkable name such as Club Trophies Presentation, try to come up with an exciting one that captures people’s attention and creates a sense of occasion. How about calling your awards event the Club Evening Extravaganza or Going for Gold?


Make the Most of Your Facilities

‘One of the greatest resources any sports club can have […] are the facilities,’ emphasises Eventbrite, and your ceremony is a great way to make the most of yours. You may be able to host it in the clubhouse function room, for example, rather than hiring a venue.

A key benefit of using your clubhouse is that there may well be a ‘stage’ or platform with a lectern and microphone – ideal when giving and receiving awards. Plus, the awards will feel extra special because they’re being presented in a place that’s at the heart of the players’ activities.


Boost Your Budget with Sponsorship

Every sportsperson knows the value of sponsorship agreements – they can pay for everything from kit to talent development schemes. Your club, team or league may already have a corporate sponsor who’d be keen to support your ceremony. If not, you could discuss sponsorship with local businesses.

It’s a win-win situation: you’ll have a bigger budget so can organise a better ceremony, while your sponsor’s profile will be raised and enhanced.

You could download Easy Event Planning’s sports banquet budget worksheet to help ensure every penny is spent wisely.


Celebrate Unsung Heroes Too

When you’re drawing up a list of awards categories and using match/performance statistics to help you select the winners, your focus will initially be on your star players. Who scored the most goals or has the best serve?

But don’t ignore unsung heroes – it’s their time to shine too. Who’s the most dedicated player? Who keeps everyone smiling when training in the rain? Who volunteers to mentor young athletes? After all, sportsmanship is just as important as scoring points.

For light relief, include humorous accolades too, such as an award for falling asleep on the subs bench or always finding the bunker!


Personalise Awards with Our UK Laser Engraving Service

Take a look at our awards and trophies page and you’ll find a phenomenal range of sports-themed trophy cups, statuettes, plaques, medals and more (as well as those designed for academic and business awards ceremonies, etc.). Almost every sport you can think of is represented: athletics, basketball, cricket, darts, football, golf, netball… The list goes on!

We can help you finalise the layout for the text and other design elements you want to be displayed on your awards then engrave them using state-of-the-art laser technology. As well as being suitable for a wide variety of materials including glass, metal, wood, acrylic and laminate, our custom UK laser engraving service is precise, affordable, versatile and speedy. What’s more, curved surfaces aren’t a problem, thanks to laser rotary engraving. The results are beautiful (as you can see from the awards in our Instagram gallery) and stand the test of time.

Date: 26 April 2022

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