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Rotary Engraving

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving with a laser means a rotary device is fitted into the laser machine to turn the product. From bottles and pens to glasses or awards, you can have any chosen design engraved onto any cylindrical object.


What is rotary engraving?

If you Google “rotary engraving” most of the search results refer to the mechanical engraving method of rotating a cutting tool to etch a design into the chosen material. Essentially, with laser rotary engraving, cylindrical objects are turned on a motor-powered device fitted to the bed of the laser machine. The laser beam passes over the surface of an item as the object is slowly rotated, producing an engraving that wraps flawlessly around the surface.



Raster engraving

Laser rotary engraving is a raster engraving process, which essentially means that the laser head passes horizontally from left to right, line to line in much the same way as an inkjet printer puts ink on a piece of paper- but instead of ink, the laser uses light and heat to vaporize tiny particles of the material’s surface to create the desired design.

Rotary engraving simply adds in an extra dimension by rotating the surface as the design is created.


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Perfectly replicates the original design on your chosen item

As the rotary engraving laser equipment is computer-controlled, the final design perfectly mirrors your original, right down to the last pixel. It can even be duplicated multiple times without any compromise in quality or accuracy.

You’ll be delighted with the shading we can accomplish, simply because the laser is able to work to different depths and can translate greyscale images onto your chosen materials as well as black and white images.

Laser rotary engraving can also deliver fine lines and sharp corners to your designs, ensuring all the detail is engraved.

There’s no contact between by a tool as with traditional engraving, therefore no damage to the surface can occur. Offering amazing clarity without leaving unwanted marks.


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Rotary engraving works on virtually any material

Rotary engraving offers a high level of detail on virtually any material including wood, glass, acrylic, leather, laminates, MDF, cork, paper, ceramics, coated metals and textiles.

It’s suitable for use on a wide range of cylindrical objects, such as pens, bottles, glasses, tool handles, awards, torches and soap dispensers. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for a way to brand promotional items and merchandise with a high quality, lasting design.

Just talk to us about your rotary engraving needs and we’ll be happy to turn your ideas into a finished design on the material/item of your choice. If you’re not sure what design or material would work best, just tell us and we can offer you advice to fit your budget.


Discuss Your Custom Rotary Engraving Needs


Need help with the design?

As raster images are made up of pixels, it’s important to get the resolution right to ensure that the finished engraving looks perfect at its intended size and on your chosen item(s).
We can create the artwork for you (the price for this will be given as part of your requested quote) or you can find our artwork guidelines here if you already have a file you want to submit.

Date: 6 July 2023

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