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Custom Laser Engraving & Cutting

Custom Laser Engraving & Cutting


Laser engraving

From corporate branding to personalised products, Bay & Moor offers engraving services on a wide range of materials. We can laser engrave wood, acrylic, plastic laminates, glass, textiles, ceramics or virtually any material using only light to produce a unique and high quality finish. Our personalisation services are available for a wide range of products, please get in touch with one of our laser engraving experts today to find out more 01626 366047.


Subcontract laser cutting and engraving

Using our subcontract laser cutting, engraving and marking service will reduce your costs and removes the capital and ongoing costs of running a laser machine, we have invested in the latest technology to produce high quality and repeatable results at a competitive price with short lead times.


Laser marking

Components that are designed for harsh environments need to retain information for traceability such as a part number, serial number or manufacturer details. Laser marking is suitable for this application as the surface of the component is marked using a ceramic coating applied to the metal that permanently bonds to the surface by the laser. With laser marking, the surface of the material remains intact – this means that the component can retain its corrosion qualities. Laser marking is ideal for machine plate marking, aerospace and automotive components where corrosion or contamination must be avoided.


Security marking and branding

Bay & Moor can permanently and quickly laser mark company assets such as phones and tablets for traceability and security. There are a range of security marking solutions available, from labels to forensic marking to ensure that assets can be returned if they are lost and found or to prevent theft. However, labels can be easily removed and forensic marking requires specialist equipment to read the data. Laser marking offers an effective solution, the process is quick and permanent, assets can be marked with a range of identification styles from bar codes to 2D matrices that can be easily read by another phone or tablet. Our laser systems allow a large number of assets to be quickly serialised and security marked with a high quality and permanent mark. Please get in touch to find out more.
Date: 25 July 2023

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