Material Engraving

With the huge range of materials available and incredible versatility of Laser technology, different techniques are possible to gain the best finish.

Here we look at Laser cutting and engraving materials.

Wood Engraving

Wood is a fantastic material to engrave as the Laser produces incredible intricate results to text, designs or logos, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to man-made materials.

The lighter Hard and Soft woods give contrast to the engraving such as Oak, Bamboo, Birch and Pine which engrave particularly well also veneered Mdf is available in a range of finishes.

Painted Wood

Custom wood engraving can be enhanced by painting the surface of the wood making the possibilities endless in terms of colour and finish, for a two dimensional effect the outline of the text or design can be vector engraved where the Laser marks the surface without cutting through.


The possibilities are endless when working with acrylic, it is available in a range of colours and finishes mirrored, glitter, clear,   marble, tortoiseshell and fluorescent.

It is manufactured in two different ways Extruded and Cast

Benefits of Extruded acrylic

Extruded acrylic has lower thickness tolerances in contrast to cast

It is more economical for use in series production.

Benefits of Cast acrylic

When engraved gives a light grey to white finish contrasting results and has optical qualities.

Can be cut to fine tolerances with optimum cut edges without burrs.

Metal Marking

Marking metal is achieved using a ceramic compound which is permanently bonded to the surface of the metal by the Laser passing over it, creating permanent high quality black markings on almost any metal substrate including stainless steel, brass, aluminium, titanium, copper, chrome plating, nickel and similar metals which are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses as well as high temperatures.

Ideal for product trace-ability, bar coding, logos and decorative marking.


Anodised and Powder Coated Metals

Anodised or Powder coated metals are engravable and used for many applications, fine details are produced by the Laser process which removes the surface coating to reveal the metal underneath, once engraved the finish is strong enough to withstand virtually all environmental factors.

There are many different variations of anodised and powder coated metals available, differing in the metal grade itself, and the process or colour pigments applied, these variations strongly influence factors such as strength and durability, UV-stability and the finished engraving result.







Acrylic based Laminates are UV resistant and suitable for interior or exterior use, available in a range of colours or with metallic finishes the top layer is removed by the Laser process to reveal the black core material.

Commercial building and Industrial signage, Safety signs, Trophy plates, Machine identification plates.


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