Raster engraved clear acrylic sign

The possibilities are endless when working with acrylic, it is available in a range of colours and finishes mirrored, glitter, clear, marble, tortoiseshell and fluorescent.

Before cutting and engraving acrylic it is important to know there are two types cast and extruded both have benefits to the laser process.

Extruded acrylic

Extruded acrylic is a popular material for cutting it can be engraved but the finish does not have a contrast like cast acrylic and is clear, it cuts cleanly with a smooth edge that can be flame polished for a perfect finish. It has lower thickness tolerances in contrast to cast but is more economical for use in series production.

Cast acrylic

Cast acrylic is ideal for engraving as it turns a frosty white when engraved so used widely for awards and branded displays creating highly detailed results but the cut edges cannot be flame polished.


Plastic laminates are available in a huge range of colours and finishes and are specially made for the laser process, we use Trolase engraving laminates they are a high-quality UV-resistant laser acrylic-based material for exterior or interior applications. The top layer is designed so it can be processed at high production speeds enabling detailed engraving and the superior composition minimises residue leaving a clean perfect finish.


The sheet material has to be perfectly flat to engrave low power is needed as all that needs to be removed is the coloured surface layer, this also reduces warping of the material and any residue left on the surface. the laser passes over the surface with the beam width of the laser increased slightly to create a smooth finish.


  • Exterior Signs
  • Interior Signs
  • Trophy plates
  • Plaques
  • Safety Signs
  • Industrial signage
  • Vehicle warning signage


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