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Stovax & Gazco

Engraved and Laser Cut Brushed Silver Laminate

We made custom plaques for Stovax & Gazco based in Exeter using brushed silver laminate for product displays exported to Japan for an exhibition.

Engraved Brass Door Sign and Wooden Hotel Key Rings

Situated overlooking Southampton’s Royal Pier, The Bugle is a beautiful townhouse venue exclusively available for sleepover celebrations, weddings, corporate events, shoots and homestays. Chloe Beauvois Eames Studio manager from Distinctive Studios asked us to supply aged brass room signage and oak key fobs to reflect the high-quality surroundings of the venue.

Laser Cut Laminate

Quantum Cryogenics provide quality electronic solutions for the cryogenic and transport industry.  Their products are designed, built and tested in the UK setting the standard in quality, reliability and durability for the transportation of samples. We provide a bulk cutting service for supplied B42 sheet laminate precision cut for use in the production of gas monitoring devices.

Laser Cut And Engraved Hypalon Fabric

Black Rainbow Project is a bag company based in London specialising in making messenger bags, pouches, and accessories aimed predominantly at cyclists, working cycle couriers, and anyone who is looking for heavy duty bags that do their intended job as well as they possibly can, for as long as possible.

Scott Black commissioned us to develop the digital files and produce the laser cut and engraved parts for a prototype bag made from Hypalon, which is a very hard wearing material resistance to weathering and sunlight.

Laser Cut Wooden Dioramas

We were commissioned by charity: water to laser cut 500 wooden dioramas, ‘Sylvia’ is a little Madagascan girl at a tap stand and is being used to raise awareness of the water crisis. An initial prototype had been cut and we worked with their creative team to find a better quality and more cost-effective way to produce ‘Sylvia’. Resulting in us cutting them and then printing directly onto the wood.”

Laser Cut And Engraved Custom Wooden Hotel Door Signage

St Michaels Hotel & Spa has been passionate about creating an environment from which Guests can experience the best in Cornish Hospitality with a feast of activities or a spa treatment. We were asked to produce custom door signage to compliment the luxury rooms, oak engraves very well with a natural look and high-quality finish.

Laser Cut And Engraved Laminate Signage

Drakelands Mine in Devon is one of the worlds largest tungsten and tin resources, for ongoing developments to the mine we were asked to produce weather proof laminate signs to identify areas of the mine with a reference. Laminate is the best material for this type of signage in harsh environments as engraving will not peel away as with vinyl or printed signage.

Laser Cut And Engraved Wooden Medals

Established in 1869 Dartmouth Rowing Club has been immensely successful over the past 150 years – from Henley winners to Atlantic Ocean rowers. For the 2023 River Dart 50 event we were asked by club captain Tess Preston to produce custom medals that align with the clubs values of using sustainable products. The medals were laser cut and engraved from high quality plywood sheets.

Laser Cut Black Acrylic

We laser cut parts from 6mm black acrylic. The top and lower plates combine with 3D-printed sections to create finished assembly jigs speeding up production.

Laser Cut Plywood Artboards

Laser cut artboards for `Just Go Sketching` handcrafted and developed for the professional artist by a professional artist for the perfect solution to sketching on the go. We cut the blank boards from 3 mm plywood to be assembled with their range of sketching kits.