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Essential Information Needed Before We Are Able To Provide A Quote


  • Dimensions
  • Product
  • Material to be used
  • Quantity
  • Deadline
  • Artwork 
  • Invoice Address
  • Delivery Address

Additional things to consider:

Measurements in mm, please.


Engraving size 

We have two CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines the maximum working area is 900mm x 600mm, but please contact us before setting up any artwork layouts and we can advise.

We also have a Fibre laser and the maximum marking area is 220mm x 220mm but please contact us before setting up any artwork layouts and we can advise.

Are you supplying the materials?

We can source some materials for you such as laminate, acrylic, and plywood, however, if it’s something to be personalised or specific material you are using we would encourage you to source this yourself like leather or metal. But please contact us and we can advise.


We can work with any quantity. If you increase quantities, the price per unit can be reduced, but this is not always the case as some projects are more labour-intensive such as laser engraving glasses/bottles, Please contact us and we can advise.

Please See Our FAQ For More Information or Contact Us

Artwork Guidelines

We can help you by creating the artwork for cutting or engraving but having a laser-ready file ensures there are no artwork costs. Website artwork guidelines Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Set measurements to mm and colour mode to RGB with the scale 1:1
  2. Images need to be a minimum 300 dpi
  3. Raster sections set to black infill and with no vector lines duplicated
  4. Check there are no hidden items around the artwork or layout with all sections ungrouped
  5. Laser cutting requires vector artwork set with adequate spacing between the material being cut
  6. Ensure all objects are un-grouped and vector paths are continuous
  7. Use the minimum amount of anchor points to create the shape required without reducing the quality
  8. Check there are no duplicated shapes or text surrounding the artwork


File formats we accept are:

Cutting Formats: DXF, CDR, SVG, PDF, AI and EPS

Engraving Formats: PDF, JPEG, CDR, SVG and PNG.

Please note that CAD files do not transfer over to vector files for cutting or engraving if the correct files cannot be supplied they will have to be retraced at additional cost.

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