Our laser cut services work on a wide range of materials plywood, MDF, veneers, cork, acrylic, plastic laminates, leather, fleece, cotton, canvas, alcantara, paper, foam, and card with precision to 0.01. The laser vaporises the material along the cut to produce a perfect finish without affecting the surrounding material for many materials this is the perfect process.

Virtually any shape can be vector cut, as the laser cuts through the material compressed air is used to keep the rest of the surface free from residue while cutting. As this is a non-contact process no pressure is applied to the surface of the material preventing any risk of marking the surface.

Precision laser cut 3mm grey acrylic with black acrylic infilled cog           Laser cut lock spacers from 6 mm black acrylic.          Laser raster engraved and cut yellow plastic laminate signage for modified vehicles.          Laser cut neoprene gaskets