Bay & Moor is dedicated to providing the highest quality laser engraving service for product branding, point-of-sale, prototypes, displays, traceability marking, personalisation and custom signage. We work with a wide range of materials and can laser engrave wood, acrylic, plastic laminates, glass, textiles, ceramics, stone and coated metals or virtually any material. As one-off projects and large or small production runs for companies and individuals.

The laser process

The laser process can produce a range of finishes on materials, from paper and card to ceramics and stone, As a non-contact process, it is ideally suited for delicate materials, or where no pressure can be applied to the surface. An eco-friendly process using only light to produce the required finish, and incredibly versatile producing a unique and high-quality finish to materials. We can also vector engrave where the laser follows a line in the design to highlight the required sections, giving more contrast and producing a two-dimensional effect. Or raster and vector engrave which combines both methods of engraving.

We also engrave and make our own products, which you can find in our shop. These include bamboo pens, cork coasters, door and room signage, key fobs and mobile phone stands that are custom made for the hospitality industry selling to hotels, bed and breakfasts, pubs and restaurants. Using a laser is a fast and efficient way to add your logo, text or design. Text is permanently custom engraved onto virtually any material wood, plastic, acrylic, glass, paper, card and more.

Personalised and promotional products

Our laser engraving services add that extra touch to branded and personalised products, custom promotional products for events product launches. We work with each of our customers to create a unique, personalised product that exactly captures the companies brand or to help commemorate events and accomplishments.

Laser engraved items are the perfect way for your business to display its business name and logo, as well as add a personalised touch to awards, plaques, drink tumblers, promotional products and more. From corporate gifts and wedding gifts such as personalised wine or champagne glasses, to promotional products like key fobs and water bottles. We can provide you with custom laser engraved items of all kinds.

Why laser engraving is the preferred choice

Laser Engraving has often been an efficient method for part and material marking since it first emerged into the industrial market. A few years and countless advancements in technology industrial laser engraving is now arguably the most popular method for part, component, and material marking in use today. A brief analysis of the major benefits of this process quickly reveals precisely why it has become the preferred choice again and again for engineers, manufacturers, and project managers in a variety of industries across the nation.

These three big benefits are what make industrial laser engraving the superior choice for most projects today:

1. Speed and Efficiency

Laser engraving is one of the fastest processes currently available. This distinct advantage in speed makes it a superior method because of the high level of efficiency with which it can be used to create the desired finished product in an extremely short time frame. This combination of speed and efficiency makes the laser engraving process extremely cost-effective because time is money in business. And the ability to replicate the same high-quality engraving with laser speed and precision is just one of the many reasons why this process has seen a dramatic rise in demand over the years.

2. Versatility

Custom laser engraving has the benefit of being incredibly versatile. There are very few items that can not be laser engraved and very few materials that will not accept engraving. So, unlike other item customisation methods such as various forms of printing and vinyl laser engraving has become a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to item customisation. The versatility to be able to utilize one machine to personalize or customize nearly any item or object you can think of is one of the major benefits of laser engraving and a big part of why people continue to turn to it as a solution.

3. Longevity

Engraving has been always been recognised for its longevity since its initial conception. Even before lasers, people were engraving their personal items many of these engravings can still be seen today – standing up against the test of time and the wear and tear of practical use. That’s because, unlike other forms of item customisation, engraving cuts down into the item’s surface, removing some of the material that was there this process can also be applied with incredible accuracy to delicate surfaces with just the surface coating being engraved without going deep in the material itself.  This kind of marking, one that physically cuts into the material of the item, will always last longer than any kind of surface printing or vinyl application could.

Laser Engraving has been a relied upon process for companies in all industries when it comes to their part, component, and material engraving needs. This reliability has only continued to improve and evolve as advancements in technology have made the process even more efficient and precise. As well as allowing for engraving on increasingly complex and shaped items. This combined with the inherent longevity of the engraving, speed, and efficiency of the laser engraving process all combine to set this process apart as one of the optimum solutions for whatever your company’s engraving needs may be.

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Rotary engraved ceramic sake cups     Logo and text raster engraved onto bamboo cup.     Rotary engraved anodised aluminium water bottles.     Laser engraved gold laminate sign    Laser engraved wooden spoons with logo