We are laser engravers, our service provides product branding, point-of-sale, prototypes, displays, traceability marking, personalisation and custom signage. Bay & Moor offers engraving services on a wide range of materials and can raster laser engrave wood, acrylic, plastic laminates, glass, textiles, ceramics, stone and coated metals or virtually any material for one off projects, large or small production runs for companies and individuals.

The laser process can produce a range of finishes on material’s, from paper and card to ceramics and stone, As a non-contact process it is ideally suited for delicate materials, or where no pressure can be applied to the surface. An eco-friendly process using only light to produce the required finish, and incredibly versatile producing a unique and high quality finish to materials.

We can also vector engrave where the laser follows a line in the design to highlight the required sections, giving more contrast and producing a two dimensional effect. Or raster and vector engrave which combines both methods of engraving.

Rotary raster engraved ceramic sake cups with logo          Logo and text raster engraved onto bamboo cup.           Rotary engraved anodised aluminium water bottles with text and logo.          Laser raster engraved coconut shell with text.