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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

We use CO2 laser machines to give the highest quality laser engraving and cutting service for product branding, point-of-sale, prototypes, displays, traceability marking, personalisation, and custom signage. We work with a wide range of materials including wood, acrylic, plastic laminates, glass, textiles, and ceramics. As either a one-off project plus large or small production runs for companies and individuals.

We Also Use A Fibre Laser

This is the same process as raster engraving but with fiber the light passes over the metal to permanently mark or engrave a black to dark grey finish to the surface depending on the type of metal making it laser marked. Fibre marking is the perfect process for branding, product traceability, barcoding, logos, or decorative marking.

The Laser Process

The laser process can produce a range of finishes on materials, from paper and card to ceramics and stone, As a non-contact process, it is ideally suited for delicate materials, or where no pressure can be applied to the surface. An eco-friendly process using only light to produce the required finish, and incredibly versatile producing a unique and high-quality finish to materials. We can also vector engrave where the laser follows a line in the design to highlight the required sections, giving more contrast and producing a two-dimensional effect.

Fiber Laser marking works on almost any metal substrate including:
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • Chrome plating
  • Nickel
  • Similar metals are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses as well as high temperatures.

Our fiber laser marking or engraving service can help you with any project and is a reliable and versatile process that is usually preferred when working with thin metals. As the laser can mark without cutting into the surface affecting the product or material.

Fibre Laser marking is a fast and competitive way of producing fantastic permanent results on aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, or coated metals plus alloys. The applications range from labeling for traceability to the personalisation of promotional items.

The contactless marking process ensures the lowest costs per marking. With steel alloys, it’s even possible to produce corrosion-resistant laser markings without damaging the surface of the metal.

Laser Finishes


Laser engraving cuts into the surface of materials creating deep and permanent finish to text, logos or designs particularly suitable for products that are subject to harsh or wearing environments, suitable for any quantity of production. Engraving is therefore a slower process than etching, as the laser must be run at reduced speed to create the depth required. 

This finish can be achieved on a variety of  materials such as Wood, Acrylic, Paper, Card, Glass and Ceramics. For engraving metals a fibre laser is the fastest and most efficient type of laser to achieve depth on Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Titanium, Copper, and Tungsten. 


Laser etching  produces a mark at micron level into the surface on bare or coated metals creating a colour change, which on anodised or plated metals the fibre laser can produce a frosted finish. 

Laser etching is used widely in the medical or automotive industries. 

This is an accurate process ideal for fine detail on small parts or components. 

This is a fast efficient method, twice as fast as other laser techniques for small or large mass production mostly used on metals. 



Laser annealing is a technique used on metals where the surface is heated at a slower rate than engraving creating a permanent mark. Stainless Steel and Titanium are the most popular metals for this process and ideal for products such as cooking utensils that come into contact with food as the mark is entirely on the surface with no depth of cut as with engraving making it easier to clean metal surfaces. 

Annealing takes more time than etching or engraving. 


Whatever product you have we will have a solution for you and can run tests to determine the best solution to suit your requirements. Get in touch


Why laser engraving is the preferred choice

Bay & Moor is dedicated to providing the highest quality laser engraving service for product branding, point-of-sale, prototypes, displays, traceability marking, personalisation and custom signage . We work with a wide range of materials and can laser engrave wood, acrylic, plastic laminates, glass, textiles, ceramics, stone and coated metals or virtually any material. As one-off projects and large or small production runs for companies and individuals.

Laser Engraving has often been an efficient method for part and material marking since it first emerged into the industrial market. A few years and countless advancements in technology industrial laser engraving is now arguably the most popular method for part, component, and material marking in use today. A brief analysis of the major benefits of this process quickly reveals precisely why it has become the preferred choice again and again for engineers, manufacturers, and project managers in a variety of industries across the nation.

Based on 44 reviews
Jamie Cole
Jamie Cole
Even when working on such a small scale (under 4mm) the finished engraving on all the watches I supplied was perfect. Quick turn around as well to meet my tight deadline. Great business to deal with.
Michael Michael
Michael Michael
Top quality work, superior results to another company I have used in London in the past and good customer service. Would use again and recommend to others. thanks!
Dominic Begley
Dominic Begley
We used Bay & Moor to etch part numbers on prototype 7075 aircraft parts. Professional and prompt service with good communication throughout.
Stephen Cain
Stephen Cain
Great to find a local business doing laser cutting for the hobbyist as well as commercial customers. The customer support was spot on and Andrew was available to answer any queries. Definitely will be using again and would highly recommend this family business.
Annabel Hill
Annabel Hill
Thanks Andrew for such an amazing framework made for my tiny art works! Very professional, he listened to my requirements and it arrived in a week.
Denise Mummery
Denise Mummery
I was looking for someone who could laser cut some hearts for me and luckily I found Bay & Moor. Absolutely wonderful friendly communication and service and I am very pleased with the final product. I highly recommend Bay & Moor.
Sales (Tactile Treasures)
Sales (Tactile Treasures)
Its such a pleasure working with Andrew at Bay & Moor. All work is undertaken and produced to the highest standards with a very quick turnaround time. We as a small family run business have an opportunity to support another family run business. Thanks again Andrew, Best Regards Paul
Ellie Scouller
Ellie Scouller
We had such a good experience working with Andrew at Bay & Moor. He was easy to work with and helped trouble-shoot some design issues, resulting in a much more cost-effective and high-quality product. We're delighted and will work with him again. Thanks, Andrew!
Tess Preston
Tess Preston
Our medals from Bay & Moor are brilliant. Turned around in an impressively short time due to late enquiry, and a wonderful product delivered. We will definitely use Andrew again!!

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