Laser marking is ideal for branding, product trace-ability, bar coding, logos and decorative marking, this is the same process as raster engraving but a ceramic marking compound is applied to the surface of the metal, as the laser passes over it permanently bonds a black to dark grey finish to the surface.

This works on almost any metal substrate including stainless steel, brass, aluminium, titanium, chrome plating, nickel and similar metals which are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses as well as high temperatures.

Components that are designed for harsh environments need to retain information for traceability such as a part number, serial number or manufacturer details. Laser metal marking is suitable for this application as the surface of the component is marked using a ceramic coating applied to the metal that permanently bonds to the surface by the laser. With laser marking, the surface of the material remains intact – this means that the component can retain its corrosion qualities. Laser metal marking is ideal for machine plate marking, aerospace and automotive components where corrosion or contamination must be avoided.

Laser marked stainless steel with ceramic paste for QR coding traceability          Stainless steel marked machine tags by a ceramic paste leaving crisp black text. Laser marked brass and stainless steel coaster