Ted Baker Luggage

Personalised Luggage for Pelham Group Laser engraving and colour filling

Pelham Group are a leading distribution company operating in the fashion accessory and travel goods sector representing the best in class, Marketing Director Shelley Williams approached us to personalise luggage for Ted Baker which was presented to influencer Victoria Macgrath’s forthcoming wedding #inthefrow wedding which gained over 65,000 likes on Instagram. We Laser Engraved and colour filled the initials to produce a personalised product.

ELITE Optics

Traceability marking annodised aluminium

Elite Optical Distribution is the official UK importer and distributor of high quality optics Sales Director Stuart Grant contact us to brand their range of products for traceablity with date stamps relating to the month products are sold.


The Stafford London

Bespoke Oak Trees for room signage Laser cutting, engraving and fabrication.

The Stafford London is a leading 5 Star hotel in the heart of the city.

Executive assistant Camille Fleuriett asked us to create a bespoke linen sign to invite guests to use existing linens as part of their environmental awareness to reduce the need for linen to be laundered reducing energy costs.

Oak veneer MDF was Laser cut and used for the body of the tree with a solid Oak base. With vector and raster engraved text and logo.