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Laser Cutting

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We cut a range of Materials the most popular ones are Plywood, Laminate, Acrylic, Laser Foils for Awards, Leather and Card and can be from simple shapes from laser cut artboards to complex designs.  Working with companies and individuals we provide a high-quality service from one off projects, Prototypes to Large Volume orders for a Wide Range of Industries such as Manufacturing, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial, Construction, Medical and Architecture.


How does Laser Cutting work?  The laser beam used in cutting vaporises the material with incredible precision. Compressed air is used with the laser beam to keep the rest of the surface free from any residue while cutting the air pressure can be adjusted depending on the material being cut which reduces any burn back to the edge of the cut. Any residue can be cleaned off after cutting, for example, materials such as leather will need cleaning after cutting. Vector cutting is a non-contact process, the surrounding area of material is not damaged by the laser so paper and card can be cut leaving no residue.

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