When the two effects of raster and vector laser engraving are combined this provides the maximum visual effect which works perfectly on wood.

Vector engraved areas of the design or layout are followed by the laser beam, this does not cut through the material but scores the surface to highlight the engraved areas, particularly where there is a lot of detail to a design that needs to have more contrast to the rest of the engraving.

Raster engraved areas are removed by the laser beam passing horizontally from left to right across the surface of the material, this heats the surface either detaching or fragmenting from the rest of the surface to vaporise the material away, a high level of detail is achieved by the laser. Filled sections of the design are engraved entirely and greyscale areas will be engraved with less depth than higher contrast areas and white is left untouched.

This process works well on any material wood, leather, MDF, Cork, paper and card.